As you already know, the CrossFit training program is filled with surprises and changes every day. It is not surprising that competitions in this sport are also unpredictable because competitors taking part in the world championship have no idea what they will have to do to win until the start of the competition. In addition to basic strength and aerobic exercises, athletes can be offered to overcome an obstacle course or swim in the ocean. This feature of the competition attracts extreme sportsmen from all over the globe who are eager to challenge themselves and other athletes.

History of CrossFit Contest

For the first seven years of the official existence of this kind of sport, no competitions were held. In 20070, when more than 20,000 CrossFit gyms had already been opened around the globe, it was decided to hold annual world championships in this sport. The initiative was supported by the Reebok company, which became the general sponsor of the championship.
The first world championship was held in California on a small farm. The selection of competitors took place by region, based on the largest gyms in the district. Participants had to compete in overcoming obstacle courses, lifting weights, running, swimming, and other exercises.

The next championships in 2008 and 2009 attracted even more competitors from all over the world. Due to the great excitement, athletes began to be formed into groups of six people for group participation. There was also a competitive category of Veterans for athletes over 55 years old.

In 2011, participants began to submit applications to participate in competitions online. The athlete had to perform a certain set of exercises at a certain time under the supervision of a certified trainer, or in front of a video camera lens, in order to prove his level of training, which corresponds to the world level of competition. In 2011, about 25,000 athletes applied in this way, but every year these figures increased.

This is how the popularity of world contests has increased every year:

  • 2012 – 69,000 applications for participation in CrossFit games
  • 2013 – 138,000 applications
  • 2014 – 209,000 applications
  • 2015 – 273,000 applications
  • 2016 – 325,000 applications
  • 2017 – 380,000 applications
  • 2018 – 415,000 applications

As you can see, the number of people wishing to take part in the global CrossFit tournament is only increasing, which tightens the selection of competitors and increases the prestige of the contest. At the moment, more than half a million people are preparing to qualify for the world games.

Discover the Spectacular and Unpredictable World of CrossFit Games

The annual CrossFit competitions are saturated with sweat, blood, and excitement. Thousands of competitors, whose bodies work like solid machines, face off in a fight that not everyone can master. The unpredictability and intensity of the tournament adds a special spark to the already hot atmosphere. Watching this kind of contest is an unforgettable sight. If you feel strong in yourself, you can try to participate in such championships. Just participating in such kinds of games will add to your self-confidence and increase your self-esteem.