The modern trend of a healthy lifestyle and fitness has attracted a huge number of people to play sports in various disciplines. CrossFit has become one of the fastest-growing sports, the most talked about and criticized at the same time. This sport has many ardent fans, as well as a huge number of haters who unleashed their anger on the creator of the system, Greg Glassman, and the Reebok company, which supported the undertakings of an entrepreneur-athlete. Let’s try to be objective and consider this training program from all sides.

Benefits of CrossFit Training

The popularity of this system did not arise from scratch. Many athletes who train in such gyms show brilliant performance in competitions and are in excellent physical shape.

The main advantages of CrossFit are

  • Versatility – this feature radically distinguishes this sport from all others. It doesn’t matter what you do, what your profession is, what lifestyle you lead, and what you aspire to. CrossFit will improve all your physique systems, as along with power and cardio training, it includes elements aimed at developing coordination, accuracy, agility, endurance, and flexibility. By doing enough time on such a program, you will gain skills that you can use both in other sports and in life.
  • Variety is a feature that is so lacking in other sports. Athletes training in martial arts halls are forced to perform the same exercises at the same pace day after day, year after year, which very soon bothers and depresses the morale of the trainees. Such training does not let your mind and body get bored.
  • Availability – most of the training exercises are executed with their own weight, on the horizontal bar, or with the usual shells that are available in any gym. All you need to get started is a T-shirt, shorts, and a pair of your most comfortable running shoes. Simplicity is the key to success.

The Main Disadvantages of Doing CrossFit

Many professional athletes and doctors pay attention to the following negative points:

  • Lack of specialization – without in-depth study and mastering a certain training skill, you risk remaining an amateur forever. The problem with that kind of sport is that it does not offer many prospects for the professional growth of athletes.
  • Poor muscle growth – you could not be able to build huge muscles like professional bodybuilders. The system has a general focus on the development of the whole organism. If your goal is large and sculpted muscles, then CrossFit is not for you.
  • Overtraining – the high pace and ferocity of training often do not allow the body to recover. There is also a risk of injury. A common problem among CrossFitters is rhabdomyolysis. To avoid such side effects, it is necessary to adhere to a smooth increase in loads and give yourself time to rest.

Make an Informed Decision and Enjoy!

Every sport has its pros and cons. CrossFit with the right approach could help to fully strengthen your body and increase your daily performance. Consult with professionals before starting CrossFit.