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We understand that on the surface, CrossFit appears intimidating and scary. That’s simply not true and you will see that after you try your free class. In your free class you will attend and participate in a regular CrossFit class. Don’t worry if you are not in shape. We will modify the movements around your current fitness level.

This will also allow you to meet the trainers, see the facility, and get a little understanding on how and why CrossFit works so well.


Text CF407 (23407) to CROSS (27677) for a free class!

Workout of The Day



Mobility Work Shop Saturday August 2nd.
3pm, 1 hour, $10

Main – CrossFit

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Mobility / yoga warm up (No Measure)

Run / rope / row for 2 min.

Grab an ab mat!

cat cow x 10
wrist circles (5 out/ 5 forward / 5 back)
down dog (walk out 10/ walk in 10)
hip circles ( 10l / 10 r)
down dog to plank x 10
knee to elbow (10 opposite)
1 minute dynamic squat
:30 couch stretch each side

Metcon (Distance)

Shoulder strengthening 101

10ft “parallel bar” pass thrus
“parallel bar” static holds.

15:00: Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


Bar: 185/125
Box: 24/20

6 Box jump
12 Deadlift
24 split jumps
+ is 225/185 & 30/24




6457 Hazeltine National Drive
Suite #130
Orlando, Florida, 32822


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We are located in South East Orlando five minutes from the Orlando International Airport (MCO) and in the Lee Vista, Lake Nona area.  We are 3 minutes away from the Beachline (528).

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