The CrossFit technique is a universal sports concept, which is aimed at the fastest possible development of the whole organism. Improving overall muscle tone along with improving accuracy, flexibility, endurance, and agility is achieved through a combination of different exercises. Let’s look at the most popular and effective CrossFit workout.

The Most Common and Effective CrossFit Exercises

The base of CrossFit exercises are bodyweight workouts:

  • Jumping rope is an effective drill to strengthen the legs, joints, develop coordination and reduce weight.
  • Jumping over the bar – requires a jerk from a place, which allows you to develop the explosive strength of the legs and body.
  • Running – this system includes short, medium, and long-distance runs. Helps to lose weight, improves the cardiovascular system, and enriches the thews with oxygen.
  • Squats are a basic movement in almost all sports. Improves leg strength and body endurance.
  • Jumping on the pedestal – trains the explosive power of the jump and strengthens the ligaments of the legs.
  • Burpees are the hallmark of CrossFit. An exercise that combines push-ups and jumps up. Allows you to improve inhuman endurance and improves muscle tone throughout the body.
  • Pull-ups on the horizontal bar are popular basic drilling that helps strengthen the thews of the back, shoulder girdle and strengthen the grip.
  • Ring pull-ups are a type of pull-up that requires extra concentration and balance development.
  • The handstand is a gymnastic movement aimed at developing coordination, flexibility, and strength of the hands.
  • Walking on the hands is a more advanced version of the handstand. Improves the vestibular apparatus, strengthens the thews of the back, shoulders, arms, and neck.
  • The single-leg squat is an advanced version of the regular squat that requires good control over your body balance.
  • Rope climbs are a wonderful exercise that engages all the muscles in the body and can be extremely beneficial for firefighters and police officers.

Additional muscle development is carried out with the help of exercises with weights:

  • The bench press is a popular bodybuilding drilling that helps improve the chest thews.
  • The barbell squat is a basic movement for powerlifters. Improves leg thews and helps strengthen the entire body.
  • Throwing the ball into the floor or wall – throwing a special ball that weighs about 4 kilograms helps to improve explosive hand strength and provides a huge expenditure of kilocalories.
  • The overhead push is great drilling for improving the shoulder girdle.
  • The deadlift is one of the most popular movements among weightlifters. Develops all muscles, especially the thews of the legs and back.
  • The farmer’s walk is one of the typical CrossFit exercises. Represents walking with weights.
  • The shoulder sandbag lift is a great functional movement that engages a huge amount of muscle and allows you to develop not only strength but also balance, grip strength, and body tone.
  • Kettlebell lunges are a workout after which you will stop feeling your legs for a couple of days. Perfectly works out the inner thighs and calf muscles.

Use the Huge Arsenal of CrossFit Exercises!

As you can see, the movements from this training program are not something out of the ordinary. You have a great opportunity to work out all the thews of the body and improve your agility, reaction, and speed. Such multifunctional workouts will tone your body and allow you to lead a more active and mobile lifestyle.